Huge Thank You to the Staff

Hello Camp Cherith,

I wanted to take a moment to give a huge thank you to the staff who put on a fantastic weekend. If Andrew and I counted right it was our 5th year of coming and even though he is 12 and getting older he still really enjoys it. I am very thankful there are other men and boys from our church who can participate each year.

This year one of the fathers who came with his two boys was the Syrian family our church sponsored. They arrived in Canada mid-March. The father knows little to no English but the boys have picked up English quickly. I wanted to share with you what he told us on Sunday morning. “In Syria my kids just stayed indoors and studied because it was not safe to go out. I have never seen them just play, run around, laugh and smile like I saw them this weekend. It was so good to see them just having fun with other kids.”

Personally, my son Andrew told my wife he had some topics he wanted to talk with me about but he saved them for the car ride to and from Walkerton. It was an excellent time of connection. The messages Grant shared definitely spoke to Andrew and I and we had time to speak about direct application to our lives. Unfortunately in the busy thing we call life, I do not disconnect often enough.

I did not get a chance to say a proper thank you to Dipper, Tripper, Sherriff, many camp staff and Grant. Sometimes you may find that you put all your energy into executing with excellence and simply leave the rest to God. I just wanted to share the way in which I was blessed and the way in which the men and boys from my church connected in a deeper way.

Mike Yorke