“This was my daughters first summer and she had such a great time. She can’t wait to come back for 2 weeks next summer.”

“On the way home from camp my son could not stop talking about all he did at camp and he wants to go back all summer next summer.”

“I want to share with you… My has been asked to speak at our Youth group on February 27. He will be speaking on the historical relevance of the Bible. He has a fear of public speaking but is so excited to do it that has already prepared a PowerPoint and talk. When I asked him about speaking in front of 100 kids he said it’s no big deal. I will be scared, but Camp has taught me I can do it. Yet another reason I think Camp is important for all kids. Celebration! Also he reached out to his camp friends for input and they informed him they don’t know much about it. So on the friend reunion next weekend he is sharing his PowerPoint with them to inform them. God is working. I’m just so excited to watch this journey and hear how God uses it. He is going to Word of Life next year. And I think this is all the beginning of this journey. I can’t wait to see what comes next and I praise God that Dylan mental health will not be able to hold him back. Just to let you understand how amazing this is. Dylan in grade school was so afraid of public speaking that he would take a zero until a teacher taught him to ask for only part of the class to speak in front of. He would do it but was barely audible, shook and stared at the paper or floor. Through CILT and working at camp he gained the confidence to speak in front of crowds and share with others. To the point where he is excited to share at church to a large group, confidently using PowerPoint handouts and knowledge with others. It is amazing how far he has come! Praise be to God and the ministry of Camp Cherith.”

“Serena had so much fun. She said everything was awesome.”

“Norah liked all of it! She especially enjoyed archery, rifelry and the campfires.”

“Our son had a great time. Thank you! When we picked him up he couldn’t stop talking about going back next year.”

“The staff showed great leadership skills and were great examples to the boys by being caring, helpful, sensitive and having a Christ like attitude.”

“This was my son’s first camp experience and he is not an outdoorsy type child. I was worried about how he would manage for the week, but he had a wonderful time! He loved the entire experience.”

“Another year at camp has come and gone and another year that my son has come back singing the camp’s praises.”

“What we love about Camp Cherith is how the kids are kept active and build their self esteem by trying and succeeding at new activities.”

“I want to thank you for the awesome week that our children had this summer. Your camp outshines all others. I feel that the camp instilled a deeper sense of who they were and what it means to be Christians. Our son was so proud of the achievement he made in Archery that we are going to pursue that for him in hopes that this will continue to build his self-confidence.”


“I learned that it’s extremely important to thoroughly analyze all that we read & study in the Bible so that our knowledge of the Bible, and of the Lord and His plan for us, is more easily and better understood. I’ve come to have a better appreciation for God’s word.”

We had been there maybe an hour and one of the girls said to me “this is fun! I really didn’t think it would be.” By Friday night before bed, she added “this is FUNNER than fun!” And by Saturday mid-morning it changed to “this is FUNNER than FUNNER!”


“At camp I learned that making choices is a big part of life and that you can always lean on God no matter what happens.”

A Camper Says;
“I’ve been coming to Camp Cherith for 7 years and it’s been a crucial part of my life both spiritually and mentally. I was a crazy kid with some serious ADHD and Camp Cherith was the first camp my mother felt safe sending me too. It gave me a great conduit to practice self-control and taught me that I could be just another one of the guys. It was a big part of my growing up.”

“The counselors that are leading us are great. They are enthusiastic. I know I can talk to them about anything.”

“Camp Cherith is amazing. I plan on coming back for as long as I can.”


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