COVID 19 Update

No doubt many of you are wondering if Camp Cherith is still operational and if we are planning on having camp this summer in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Be reassured that at the moment we want you to hear: Yes, we are!

We are following all health and safety measures put forward by our government and public health authorities and will continue to follow new requirements as they unfold. Our staff are working remotely in preparation for a safe, healthy, memorable, and fun summer in a few months. We have shifted any in-person meetings and staff interviews to a virtual format. If you need to reach us, email is best, but we also will be responding to voice messages.

While we are planning and hiring in anticipation of a great 2020 summer – we also recognize that we may need to adapt or change our plans in light of COVID-19.

If you have currently registered your child(ren) and would like to cancel your registration, our regular cancellation policy is still in effect and we will refund your camp fees less a $100 administrative charge. If we are not able to operate camp as a result of COVID-19 and government restrictions, your fees will be fully refunded. We hope that this will buy you time to consider how you want to spend your summer, knowing that all your money will be returned to you if we are in fact mandated to close for the summer.

As we are still planning for camp sessions to happen, payments will continue to be processed, unless you instruct us otherwise. If you want us to stop payments, please email the camp office  As we stated above, any fees (minus the administration fee) will be returned to you if you cancel your registration, at this time.

There are many fixed costs which apply to camp, regardless of whether campers attend our programs or not. If you choose not to attend Cherith this summer, we completely understand. We also humbly ask that you consider one of the following options: (1) Leaving a part of your camp fees with us as a taxable donation, or (2) Leave your fee on deposit for the summer of 2021. This will help us face the current instability knowing that we will continue to be able to provide Christ-centred camping to as many campers as possible.

Can we visit Camp Cherith to isolate ourselves?

We had a serious discussion about how Cherith could use its facilities to help at this difficult time. Unfortunately, we came to the realization that we are not equipped to handle the possibility of an outbreak, therefore, Camp Cherith is closed to all visitors until at least June 1, 2020.

In no way do we want to be inhospitable. We are very limited by the regulations that have been put in place by the federal and provincial governments. When Cherith is allowed and ready for visitors again, we want to do so in a manner that ensures safety for all.

What is happening at Cherith right now?

Some staff, volunteers and contractors have been working on the essential spring projects. At all times, we are practicing social distancing actions to help prevent the potential spread of infection.

At this point, we have cancelled programs until the end of May.

However, in these uncertain times, we want to offer a certainty in regard to the financial investment you are making. In the unfortunate event that we are unable to run summer camp this summer we would like to offer 3 options;

  1. Anyone who is registered for camp will be provided a full refund, or
  2. You can donate all or a portion of your fee to the ministry of Cherith for a charitable tax receipt, or
  3. Leave your fee on deposit for 2021