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What People Say

Both my kids still talk about the small group devotions in the mornings with cabins. It makes my heart happy that they had so much time in God’s word and that it was made so enjoyable.

A Mom says…

All 4 of my kids have enjoyed playing, learning, praying and growing at Camp Cherith over the past 11 years. Now with only one camper left, I have 2 starting to give back for all the wonderful memories!

Parent’s Testimony

I wanted to take a moment to give a huge thank you to the staff who put on a fantastic weekend. If Andrew and I counted right it was our 5th year of coming and even though he is 12 and getting older he still really enjoys it. I am very thankful there are other men and boys from our church who can participate each year.

Huge Thank You to the Staff

Our son had a great time. Thank you! When we picked him up he couldn’t stop talking about going back next year. What we love about Camp Cherith is how the kids are kept active and build their self esteem by trying and succeeding at new activities.

Parent Testimonial

I learned that it’s extremely important to thoroughly analyze all that we read & study in the Bible so that our knowledge of the Bible, and of the Lord and His plan for us, is more easily and better understood. I’ve come to have a better appreciation for God’s word.

CILT Testimonial

I want to thank you for the awesome week that our children had this summer. Your camp outshines all others. Our son was so proud of the achievement he made in Archery that we are going to pursue that for him in hopes that this will continue to build his self-confidence.

Parent’s Testimonial

I loved the camp overall!! I met a lot of people and had a lot of fun during the whole week in the camp, especially the mountain biking session. I enjoyed all the activities provided by the camp and I’m looking forward to attending this camp in the upcoming years.

Cherith Camper, Abel

At camp, Chloe learned how to ride a horse among many other activities. The things she was once afraid to do, she can now overcome and she knows that nothing can stop her. Camp empowered Chloe and John to look beyond what they thought was possible. You made it possible for them to dream bigger dreams.

Nancy Ciolli (a Parent)