Camp Cherith CILT

 June 30 – July 13  CILT 2  (completed CILT 1)  $1,159.00 + 13% HST
 July 28 – Aug 17  CILT 1  Grade 10 +  $1,547.00 + 13% HST

The Campers in Leadership Training (CILT) program provides a unique educational and practical challenge for high school age campers with leadership potential. Participants will have opportunities to increase their skills and abilities, deepen their knowledge and application of Scripture, and gain a variety of leadership experiences. CILT trains them for future leadership and service in their churches, camps and communities.

The CILT course is a two step program CILT I and CILT II taken during each of two consecutive summers, plus assignments to complete during the school year between summers. Under adult supervision, CILTs gain practical experience by working with younger campers, leading songfests, games, bible studies, and evening programs; helping with cookouts, teaching camp skill; and assisting in camp functions.</span

CILTs also choose camp activity skills as specialties, progressing through achievement to high levels of proficiency, which may include certification from national organizations. CILTs learn to demonstrate and teach their specialty skills to younger campers.

The CILT program is offered to high school campers at Cherith and Cedarbrook camps across Canada and the United States.

Space in the program is limited.

CILT – A program to develop character, identity and discipline consistent with Christian leadership, plus
  • learn co-operation, global awareness and environmental sustainability
  • set and achieve goals
  • participate in team building
  • practice problem solving techniques
  • develop career skills, while making a difference in the lives of children
  • understand collaborative communication techniques
  • come away with a solid understanding of God’s Truth for their lives

Qualified Applicants Must:

  • Have completed grade 9 (or age equivalent)
  • Fill in a regular camper registration form indicating CILT interest
  • A CILT application will then be sent to you
  • Complete the application and submit two references
  • Have leadership potential and be interested in working with children.
  • Demonstrate evidence of a solid Christian lifestyle.


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